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Bankura Organics

Medicinal Plants Seeds & Saplings, Herbal Garden & Organic Farming, Buyers & Suppliers of Raw herbs.

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Bankura Organics works with small & marginal farmers in West Bengal by supporting them with agriculture training, seeds, inputs & guidance. By doing this we get organic herbs and spices from them in premium prices.
Bankura organics is a registered collector & trader of WBSMPB thus we collect raw herbs from jungle of West Bengal in collaboration with local tribes.

aswagandha plant


Maintained & preserved more than 150+ variety of common, rare & endangered species of medicinal plants & herbs.



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Services provided

Herbal Gardens

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants ( Seeds and Sapling )

Buyer & Supplier of Raw & Processed Herbs

Contractual Farming

Agricultural Training and Guidance for Medicinal Plant Farming.

Jungle Collection

Our Products

We provide fresh and healthy plants for your space

Medicinal plants saplings & seeds

They also eradicate the side effects of allopathic medicines. We have a selection of medicinal plants like Insulin Plant, Red Sandalwood Tree, Black Turmeric, etc.

Raws & Processed herbs

Good herbal processing practices for the production of herbal materials … Other primary processing procedures may be applied to raw herbs at an early.

Terracotta Pots

Terracotta planters are not just eco-friendly, but also plant-friendly. The baked clay walls allow the plants to regulate temperature.

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Creating awareness about medicinal plants & its uses among common people.

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